Our Team

David Fitzsimmons

My first career was a teacher, and while I enjoyed the challenge of engaging and selling education to my students there was something missing.At 25 I started my first IT degree and completed it and the masters degree that followed in quick succession. My IT career beckoned and I assumed my first IT role.

It was at this point I made a realisation… I like people far more than I like computers! So I started a business that allowed me to enjoy both passions. Speaking to people about their business and working with them to get their online marketing presence working for them. Our clients range from mum and dad businesses through to national brands and government departments.

For over a decade this business was my home and my passion but during that time I saw a lot of dear clients suffer from causes that didn’t relate to their business acumen or skill. Rather their businesses suffered because they tried to keep too many balls in the air and they lost sight of the important goals.

So it was with great pleasure we started the business rocket. A business that’s designed to help small business people succeed by providing high quality training so small business men and women can experience success and a work life balance.