Our Team

Simon Bell

At the age of 21, with 18 months of new car sales experience and $15,000, I left the dealership I was working at to start a used car yard. As you can imagine, at such a young age I had absolutely no plan of how I was going to do this, other than buy a car, prepare it for sale and then sell it for a profit.

So that’s what I did, over and over again.

I bought and sold and bought and sold and within 12 months I was consistently selling between 20-30 cars every month. I am the first to admit I didn’t know much about being a car dealer or being in business at the time, but I did know how to sell and sell effectively. During this time I read dozens of books and listened to hours of audio on selling, mindset and business. I was constantly developing and refining selling strategies, and on average sold a car to one in every three people who walked onto the yard. Some of those strategies I talk about in my programs today, and some of them…well, let’s just say I left them over on the ‘dark side’!

My five years as a car dealer taught me many great lessons, not just about selling, but managing people, business and myself.

Whilst selling cars I started two other businesses, a car finance and insurance brokerage (that just made sense to me) and a retail-clothing store.

Now, despite the fact that I had three businesses running and the material possessions to ‘say that I was happy’, I wasn’t… very much the opposite (but of course, being your typical egotistical male at the time, I would have never admitted that).

It was at this time of my life that I discovered what I now believe to be one of the greatest keys to success and happiness, and something that has become as much apart of my life today as my name… contributing to others.

So, about four years ago I decided to move into an industry that would allow me to do exactly that on a daily basis – business coaching. In 2008 I started working along side one of Australia’s leading business coaches and in early 2009 was asked to lead the premier program at the National College of Business, Business Mastery.

I have worked with over 250 business owners to date and have developed a coaching program that allows sales professionals and business owners to not only sell at their peak, but also genuinely enjoy life along the way.